Rewire Yourself – Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness Retreat With Kerstin (English)

Time to Rewire - Body, Mind & Soul! During this 3-day retreat, we will work on our limiting beliefs and discover different techniques to quiet our (monkey) mind. I invite you to take a well-deserved break from your busy lifestyle and surround yourself with beautiful nature in a peaceful atmosphere. Our small group guarantees you […]

Art + Unwind: One day Retreat con Yinaira (English)

Take a day to disconnect and take time to connect with nature, yourself, and feminine energy withing a woman‎ group. What’s included: •Meditative art‎/‎ art therapy‎•Guided meditation‎•Hiking‎ or‎‎ art‎ therapy (depending on the weather and the route)•Farewell‎ Circle‎•Vegan foodThe‎ retreat‎ is‎ with the‎ intention of‎ disconnecting‎ and connecting with ourselves while using art to tap […]

Retiro de Yoga – Profundización en Asanas con Nacho Kaleta y @marthitayogui

Fin de semana para profundizar en tu práctica de Yoga donde @nacho.kaleta impartirá un taller de invertidas el sábado y haremos diferentes prácticas profundizando en Asanas y alineamiento.También os guiaremos en diferentes técnicas respiratorias - pranayamas, comeremos comida vegetariana y haremos senderismo por la zona, ya que existen diferentes rutas para ello. Seremos dos profesores Nacho Kaleta […]